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2015 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards

SEALs: Naval Special Warfare in Action is the first book in the new “United We Stand” series that celebrates America’s armed forces. It provides a heavily illustrated, inside look at the SEALs and the men and women of Naval Special Warfare who support them on missions.

Richly written text and photo captions provide surprising details about mini-submarines, combat assault dogs, warfare tactics, remote training facilities, weapon systems and more! The book makes an ideal gift for military service members and their families, as well as military enthusiasts and the public at-large.

140 full-color photographs
Softcover Edition (ISBN 978-0-9911198-1-3)
Deluxe Hardcover Edition (ISBN 978-0-9911198-2-0)
Published by Call to Arms Books

If you would like to receive a bookplate to affix to the inside cover of this book – signed by the author – please send an email providing your name, mailing address and email address. Also include information as to how the bookplate should be addressed and signed. The bookplate is FREE and it was specifically designed for SEALs: Naval Special Warfare in Action. Allow 1-3 weeks to receive the bookplate in the mail. This offer is for U.S. and Canadian mailing addresses only. Limit: Two autographed bookplates per mailing address. (Note: Not responsible for any damage that might incur during shipping.)

Take a Peek Inside the Book…NOW !

Quick Look (1.31 MB)

This full-color PDF document gives you an idea of what captivating things are awaiting you inside SEALs: Naval Special Warfare in Action. You KNOW you're curious, so go ahead and take a look! You'll be happy you did.

The Public Loves "SEALs"

Absolutely incredible!
This book is a great read for any military enthusiast. This book has knowledge that you wouldn’t find anywhere else and the detail is absolutely incredible. The pictures are excellent! To see what is written about and what we as readers didn’t know existed gives confidence in our military. Being in the military, even I didn’t know a lot of what goes on in the SEALs.

Cpl. William R. Lannan, USMC (Ret.)
Lebanon, OR


I loved it!
This book is a must read for every American so they may appreciate the sacrifices these brave men and women make to ensure our safety and freedom. I had no idea what all it takes to be a part of this group. The training (the SEALs) have to endure is unreal. The technology they take advantage of to do their job and stay safe is awesome. I enjoyed the book greatly. It was obviously well researched and exceptionally well organized. The illustrations and descriptions were amazing!

Matt McNeeley
N Manchester, IN


What a great book!
As a former Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp Instructor, I think this would be an excellent resource for students who are interested in the military to read. They would have a greater understanding of what is required to be in this type of elite team. This book defines the training in great detail, and the photography enhances the story as well. I truly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone. It is well researched and shows the SEALs at their best! As a retired Air Force member, I feel this is the type of reading that should be required by all military personnel.

MSgt Debbie J. Melton, USAF (Ret.)
Mesa, AZ


This is the book for you
This is a great read and I enjoyed the book. I found it informative and well illustrated. It is obvious that much research was put forth in putting this book together. If you are a fan of Navy SEALs, this is the book for you.

William Thompson
Caldwell, ID


A great tribute
What a great tribute to a very special dedicated group of people (as are all those who serve our country in the armed forces). The photographs are amazing and illustrate just how difficult the training and job can be. The text is clear and descriptive and compliments the photography well. The book gives me a much greater appreciation for the SEALs and the work they do to protect and serve our country.

Amy Frazier
Wilmington, DE


Well written
Having served 11 years in the Marine Corps Infantry, I really enjoy reading about SOCOM-type units, regardless of the branch of service. So when I read a well-written book such as this, it makes me miss the military quite a bit, but at the same time it teaches me about details I was previously unaware. I also appreciate that the pictures were new and up-to-date, not pictures that have been used thousands of times over the past 20 years.

SSgt Jason E. Waddell, USMC (Ret.)
Patrolman, Wooster Police Department
Wooster, OH


Very enlightening!
This is a very enlightening book! I learned quite a bit that I never would have reached out to discover on my own. The author did an awesome job of compiling a wealth of information for everyone. The writing clearly shares the bond so strongly shared by the SEALs and all who support them. This book surely has led me to an understanding and respect for the SEALs that I never imagined.

Karen Fischer, RN
Haledon, NJ