S.F. Tomajczyk

American Author and Poet


I find writing historical novels for adults to be liberating and exciting. But I also know first-hand that it is equally a very demanding (and unforgiving) genre. Every day the manuscript Im working on taunts me with questions like:

  • Can I successfully plot a story that spans upwards of 150,000 words?

  • Can I create believable characters each with his or her distinguishable voice and concerns and breathe them to life?

  • Can I get readers emotionally involved with the story and maintain their interest for the entire journey?

  • Can I do the necessary in-depth research to truly capture and convey historical eras, places and events to readers so they actually feel like they are there?

Presently I am researching, plotting and writing an epic historical-adventure novel that takes place at the height of the Great Depression. It involves three events that at first glance appear to be separate but, in actuality, are linked.

The book poses a distinct challenge for me since every time I sit down at my desk I have to mentally digress 70-plus years to the 1930s. That includes being fully cognizant of fashion, fads, food, slang, politics, values, public concerns, important news events, etc.

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