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"Sweet Fern" takes its name from the aromatic brush found on the property.
Maddie (calico) and Scooter are the "smitten kittens" who fill the home with laughter and love.
The patio is a relaxing and fun place to write, talk and entertain. I often enjoy a cup of steaming hot espresso here in the morning.
The mountains blossom with lupine in June.
Lake Winnipesaukee in the summer time.
Canoeing on the Merrimack River.
A grasshopper sits atop a thistle on a warm summer's day.
The seacoast - along with lobsters and steamers! - is a quick trip away.
A river near "Sweet Fern" that looks as if it came straight out of Candyland.
Nothing like fresh Maple Syrup in the spring...or any time of year for that matter. We not only serve it on pancakes and waffles, but ice cream too!

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