S.F. Tomajczyk

American Author and Poet

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Supporting "Room To Read"

January 1, 2013

Concord, NH – Author SF Tomajczyk has announced he is supporting Room To Read, an award-winning nonprofit organization that promotes literacy and gender equality in education around the world, especially in developing nations.

“As an author and former college instructor, this is an easy and natural choice for me,” says Steve. “I believe every child deserves a good education, no matter the situation they are born into. However, in many parts of the world – especially in rural communities – most children don’t have this basic right. And that’s what Room To Read is correcting.”

Founded in 2000, Room To Read has impacted the lives of more than six million children by establishing school libraries, building schools, publishing local language children's books, training teachers and supporting girls to complete secondary school. To date, the organization has distributed 11.5 million books and established more than 13,000 school libraries.

Steve is interested in getting more books in the hands of children.

“We live in a global society and change-for-the-better starts with educated children. I hope to partner with one or more schools in New Hampshire to raise money for Room To Read’s projects. Some ideas I’m considering are read-a-thons, used book drives and perhaps even creating Room To Read clubs.”

“Longer term, I’m especially excited by the idea of possibly establishing a library to honor the memory of my grandfather. He was a strong advocate of reading and education. I wouldn’t have become an author without his influence on me when I was a child.”

Room To Read currently operates in ten nations throughout Asia and Africa. Its goal is to improve literacy for 10 million children by 2015.

“I invite everyone to join me in making a donation to support Room To Read,” says Steve. “It only takes a minute of your time online, yet the impact is life long. Imagine a world in which every child has access to an education. Your contribution can actually make that happen, one child at a time.” §

Source: www.tomajczyk.com