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American Author and Poet

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Books Return Home to Author

September 27, 2013

Concord, NH – Author SF Tomajczyk announces that as a result of working collaboratively with the Author’s Guild over the past eight months, legal rights to five of his older nonfiction books have reverted back to him. This paves the way to having the books, all of which are currently out-of-print, re-released in the future.

Although book contracts typically include a Reversion of Rights clause, Steve acknowledges that it can be tricky to actually exercise it.

“I’m not certain I could have accomplished this on my own,” he admits. “After all, writers write. We’re not attorneys. I found this to be a time-consuming process that required patience, diplomacy and, more important, paying attention to the smallest detail. I really appreciate the hands-on guidance the legal staff at the Author’s Guild offered me.”

The five books that Steve now legally owns all rights to include: US Elite Counter-Terrorist Forces, Bomb Squads, Carrier Battle Group, and Black Hawk (all originally published by MBI Publishing Co. Inc.), and 101 Ways to Survive the Y2K Crisis (originally published by St. Martin’s Press).

Steve is exploring the logistics of re-issuing some of these titles as eBooks and others as so-called “Print-on-Demand” books, both made available through Amazon.

“Although these books have been out-of-print for quite some time, I’m pleasantly pleased by the continued demand for them. People still hunt-down and buy copies on the Internet, and they still request autographed bookplates from me to affix inside the front cover.

“Given that America has been engaged in the Global War on Terrorism since 9/11, the public clearly remains supportive and interested in our Armed Forces, as well as in homeland security and personal preparedness issues. With today’s technology, I have the opportunity to make these books available to everyone once again.” §

Source: www.tomajczyk.com