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Steve's literary career has

also involved writing poetry. Over the years he established contacts with poets who inspired him, including Dolores Kendrick, Jane Kenyon, and Poet Laureats of the United States Donald Hall, Maxine Kumin, and Richard Eberhart.

His poems have been published in anthologies

and small literary journals, including the Odessa Poetry Review and North American Mentor Magazine.

I pass beneath silver frosted trees,
Their arms outstretched, embracing me.
Ever and anon doth the darkness break
With beams of silver stardust
That guide me to Nature's beauty innate.

I trod upon open silver fields of light,
Each step crunching in the crisp winter night.
Surrounding silver grasses stand still and bent,
The weight of God and Nature
Sculpting them into frozen forms of love, unrelent.

I rest beside black pools of silvered lace,
Lean o'er, and examine mine inner face.
With silvered silhouettes I revel in the silver serenade,
To grasp and explore Nature's primal answers
That Man has forgotten, effaced or forbade.

I hear the brook laugh with silver glee,
Racing o'er silvered rocks and sunken leaves.
Oh doth my spirit arise to soar
Upon Nature's cool silver breath,
Which comforts, rekindles and liberates ever more.

I smell the silver earth, dank, yet so sweet,
It provides a firm resolving path beneath mine feet.
For whenever the world has me at the bay,
I roam the wayward silver hills
From frozen night to the dawning of the day.

In this silver solitude do I find relief
From turmoil, taintedness, and inner-worldly grief.
With outstretched arms to the silver heavens above
I find and treasure the solitude of freedom,
And the special gift of silent silvered Love.


SF Tomajczyk - All Rights Reserved

Illustration by Taylor Rose

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